Friday, 31 May 2013

Black Slayer Head

It seems that more and more legendary bands are kicking their members out, one by one. From Black Sabbath to Machine Head and most recently Slayer, with the replacement of Dave Lombardo by Paul Bostaph, it seems that the original members, or most established members, of a band are becoming too expensive. Looking back at most of these stories, it seems that it all comes down to a salary issue. Is this the result of downloading and reduced sales of music, or is it just musicians getting greedier day by day. Roger Waters once said that once you start making money, there is this dilemma that gets created on whether you become a capitalist, or stay a socialist. In the cases of Slayer, Sabbath and all the others, it seems that this question probably wasn’t asked enough. Let’s just hope that the music won’t suffer from it too much.

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